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The 4 Key ways to Maintain Industrial Machinery

Le 16 November 2017, 11:16 dans DIY 0

There are three main reasons why maintenance on Industrial machinery is important. These are - safety around the warehouse (inside and out), optimizing the performance of the machine and reducing costs to the business. To give you an idea of how to keep maintenance to a high standard, here are the 4 key ways to improve safety, performance and be cost effective whilst looking after your machinery.


The Record of Use


Keeping all the information of use logged is easy and vital when it comes to maintenance, having the records of use will help identify how often and how long the machinery is being used. These records could also help in cases where the machinery is being misused and help to prevent further damage or injury. By simply keeping these records correctly could help in stopping poor operating use and dangerous accidents happening, it will also encourage training to occur when staff aren’t using the machinery correctly. Keeping the records correctly and updated is important though, leaving messy record would be of no use to the next operator.


Checking the Parts


Potentially the most obvious and important way for good maintenance, but it can sometimes be overlooked. Being observant and careful will help for this to be effective, having scheduled part checks will be key for machinery not being overlooked or forgotten. It will help determine if parts need replacing or if parts are showing signs of wear. Records can be left to show when parts were last replaced helping the lifespan of the overall machine. 


Battery Life


It’s usually unexpected, but one of the worst things that can happen is the battery dying on important machinery. The battery life is easy to forget about during maintenance checks because it isn’t an outer visual check to make. Internally though, there can be a build-up of dirt or corrosion and will lead to negative impacts of the components.


Costs can increase if they are not looked after and can impact the running ability of the machine. Very often the best solution to battery life issues can be solved by using a traction battery, which is designed to be used over several years for machinery.


Another tip is to check the battery type whilst replacing because the wrong battery can have a negative effect in the long term so checking with the manufacturer is always a good idea. In an industrial setting, forklift’s are frequently used and they can be a large overhead for businesses. With untrained staff, a forklift battery can be damaged due to overcharge and neglect. Therefore, it’s key your staff are up to date with all cleaning procedures and that they look after the forklifts, pallet trucks and whatever machinery it is that your warehouse uses. 




Whether the machinery is inside or out, cleaning it can be important to increase the productivity and quality of work produced by a machine. Naturally the better cleaned the machine will also increase its lifespan without fault.


A good way to avoid contamination is by using seals and filler and using lubricates will prevent rusting of the machines.


As a whole, looking after and maintaining machines will always be better for a business, it will prevent excess costs replacing or fixing machines that just require a regular maintenance routine.

Cutting Costs As A Small Business

Le 24 October 2017, 14:53 dans Vie professionnelle 0

As a small business, every dollar counts. This can mean extra bean counting when it comes to important business decisions, including equipment, salaries and the work itself. But, cutting costs doesn’t have to mean a lot of time or even effort spent.


There are many simple decisions you can make to reduce your business costs, whilst helping to improve your bottom line.





Remove Software Costs


Sure, Microsoft Office is nice to have. But, does your business really need it? Probably not, especially when signing up for a Google account gives you access to the online Google Docs, Sheets and Slides free of charge (it’s what this article was written in!). If it doesn’t quite fit the bill, then there are a number of free software options on the market.


Cloud-based IT is also another way for you cut costs dramatically. A data center can take up room and drain your business profits, whereas the cloud can be a much cheaper and less space-consuming alternative. It is also much more easily scaled upwards


Seek Vendor Discounts


Do you regularly source materials, equipment or products from the same vendor? Try to see if you qualify for a bulk order discount with them, if this isn’t an obvious part of their business, then ask! You might be surprised by the amount of money you save thanks to asking the right questions.


Hire Interns


Providing valuable work experience for a younger generation is not just great for your company’s reputation, but it can also help you fill unskilled work gaps. You need your skilled workers to be doing their jobs, not a simple task that takes up hours of their day.


So, for casual office work such as photocopying, answering the phone and other small tasks an intern can be the perfect solution. There are a number of schemes you can join to find suitable interns for your business and even government programs, meaning you could even save time on sourcing this extra pair of hands.




Likewise, you could also choose to get these non-essential tasks done by a workforce off-site. There is a world of virtual workers out there willing to write your company posts/newsletters, virtual assistants to help manage your day to day and even people dedicated to making business appointments! You can be surprised by the number of things you could potentially outsource and cut costs on.


It may seem counterproductive; paying someone else to do work you could do yourself. But, the time you save can easily translate into double or more money easily. As you save on this time and can do the tasks that make your business grow and become successful.


You could even outsource your service itself - depending on what it is - and grow a virtual workforce. Saving on both salaries and office space for your small business. This is especially important when it comes to handling areas that you're not most confident in, say accounting or leasing your office space, to begin with. A worthwhile expense, hiring commercial property agents in Manchester may damage your profit in the short term but it will save you in the long run from making mistakes that could come with worrying financial implications.


Smarter Energy


Energy costs mount up, it’s a problem for many a small business. It’s also not something everyone considers when they move into their very first office space. Lights, several computers, air conditioning and more for 7.5 hours a day, five days a week is costly. And it is a cost that only increases the more your business grows.


Don’t be afraid to shop around for the best energy deals, as switching can save you hundreds every year. Even threatening to switch could net you a good discount from your current provider.


Also, be sure to implement a strict power-down policy once working hours are completed. Ensure all computers, lights, appliances and machinery are shut down properly at the end of every day. Overnight energy costs are a silent drain on your small business, so cut them out early!


Government Business Costs


If you are truly struggling, then pursuing business rates appeal might be the best way for your business to cut costs on a larger scale. This involves reviewing your charges and business rates, making bids for understandable reliefs or exemptions that have been charged to your business but do not apply.


As a business, one of your biggest overheads will be the rates you pay. Carefully managing these and even securing the right exemption can mean massive savings for your company, so don’t overlook this!



Overall, saving on your business costs is not necessarily a time-consuming or complicated process. Simply look at your current business costs and try to work out the best alternatives, if it’s cheaper or free then make the change. From software costs to labour, you may be surprised by how much you can save by making a few simple changes to your business!